July 09, 2012

Blumau Extravaganza #5 - Arab Emirates claims some respect

Two days ago I read an article on Huffingtonpost.com that made me think. 

When I first saw the title "Emiratis Want Dress Code For Tourists" I was like: "OH GOD! HERE WE GO AGAIN."

I remembered the hideous "mini-skirt" Issue from Indonesia and started thinking: why those people have all that problems with clothes? Well, I read the article and understood that it wasn't nothing like the mini-skirt thing.

However at the beginning I was still kinda sceptical and ready to fight for the tourist's point of view. I mean, I wanna go to a place that I can dress the way I want. Right? Well....kinda.

Here's what
Asma al-Muhairi has to say:

"While going to a mall, I saw two ladies wearing... I can't say even shorts. It was underwear. Really, they were not shorts."; "I was standing and thinking: `Why is this continuing? Why is it in the mall? I see families. I see kids around."
Then I got it. It's sooo disrespectful. Everybody who goes to Abu Dabhi knows that they have specifically dress, and most important, behavior codes that comes from their religion, culture or whatever...

I'm from Rio, we have Carnaval and the tiniest bikinis on earth...however it doesn't mean you can come to my house wearing a tiny bikini to have lunch with my parents or go to the mall topless.

I'm A HUNDRED per cent pro-Dress Code for tourist on Abu Dabhi.

People should respect the others' beliefs and culture, specially on their homes. 

If you can't put some pants on, forget Abu Dabhi, come to Rio.