March 12, 2012

Sexier than Bradley Cooper #4 James Franco

"Well, as you all know Bradley Cooper is The Sexiest Man Alive (according to People Magazine.)and I'll spend the entire year proving to you that HE IS NOT."

This time I decided to ask my girls on my Facebook about Sexier than Bradley  Cooper #4 and I got great sugestions but it seems that James Franco was almost unanimous. So...thank to my girls, Mr. James Franco.

(+14 pics and +1 HOT gif)

I kinda like the NEW HIPPIE vibe of James and I have to say that he looks a delightful friend to hang out (and make out) even when he is not high. =)

Shame on you People Magazine...SHAME-ON-YOU.

Sexier than Bradley Cooper's list:

4. James Franco.
5. ...