April 12, 2012

Sexier than Bradley Cooper : #6 Henry Cavill

"Well, as you all know Bradley Cooper is The Sexiest Man Alive (according to People Magazine.)and I'll spend the entire year proving to you that HE IS NOT."


My dear friend Despina from Fashion for Life suggested a name for the "Sexier than Bradley Cooper" Extravaganza...I was like "Hum..Okay, maybe"... untill I started doing my photo research... OH MY DEAR LORD. How hot is the new Superman, Henry Cavill? I think I'm having a Heart Attack.
*Okay, now I'm dead.*

(+20pics +1video)

 Not really...but I'm not that kind of blogger thats want to tranform its own blog in one of those full of nude celebrities....

...Okay, I am.

Oh, shut up Henry.
If you were a "The Tudors" fan you probably saw that scene, if you don't and you are old enough (+18) watch it to see some gooorgeous butt cheeks.

Sexier than Bradley Cooper's list:

5. Henry Cavill
6. ...