April 10, 2012

Blumau Extravaganza #4 - Shame on you Dior.

Well, you probably already know that the Dior Extravaganza is over. It all start last year with The Galliano Scandal that I talked abou for the last time on my "2011 Fashion Review". Here's something I wrote on the post:

"Fashion World + 2011 = Galliano Scandal. Hands Down.
If you didn't heard about it your don't live on Earth. The Major fashion Designer John Galliano was caught in a tape for evil people in a "delicated" situation. He was totally drunk and messed up and made some anti-semitic comments that made a huuuuuge noise around the world.

Well, enough is enough, Galliano is on Rehab trying to fix his mind and I really hope he gets well soon. He is just an amazing artist in trouble..."

"And once again, The Galliano scandal. Who'll gonna replace him? Marc Jacobs, Ricardo Tisci, Alexander Wang...Who knows..."
I really thought (and was praying for) that Galliano would be back in time to be forgiven and keep his amazing work at Maison Dior. Unfortunatelly it didn't happen, he's still away from the spotlights and I'm still praying for his comeback.

Raf Simons was announced this week as Galliano's successor on Dior. We already have a new Fashion director...yeeeeeey...I'm so excited...NOT REALLY.

We are almost an year waiting for somebody like Riccardo Tisci, Marc Jacobs (that replaced Galliano once, at Louis Vuitton) or even Alexander Wang that doesn't fit so well at Dior aesthetics but would be a FRESH face...and they come with RAF SIMONS? REALLY.

Nothing against Raf but....REALLY?

I'm afraid to say that you all should start searching for your perfect vintage little black dress on your wardrobe 'cause Maison Dior is Dying.

I just can't stop thinking about something...Why Marc Jacobs didn't say anything about that yet?